16 January, 2019


Shalom Sisters and Friends,


Blessed New Year 2019 and Welcome to the newly improved website of the General Conference of Methodist Women (GCMW). 


We apologize that for the last couple of months, our website had been down due to technical issues and we are glad that is it up and operating again.


There have been many activities and happenings within GCMW:-

  1. The Methodist Women Center (MWC) is progressing albeit at slow pace. The drawings have been approved by the relevant authorities and we are now going into the construction/ renovation stage.
  2. Praise the Lord that our fund is now sufficient to kick-start the work.
  3. The GCMW members will meet on the 18-19 January 2019 to further discuss on the matter.


Please continue to keep us in prayers as we progress into our last 2 year term into the 11th session of GCMW.  This year, we welcome our newly elected MW AC Presidents – sisters Jacqueline Jelawai of MW SIAC, Wong Kwong Huong of SCAC, Theresa Yip of TRAC, Jennifer Yap of CAC, and Chok Pin Kyau of SAC.  We thanked all the immediate past presidents of the MW AC for your commitment and dedication to the GCMW.


We keep in prayer all our MW women leaders as we continue with our works.


God Bless,


Dato Alice Jawan

President GCMW